Primary Care

Why do I need a Primary Care Doctor? What can they do for me?

Primary care is the provision of general medical advice and treatment. Physicians in this area focus on patient-centered, team-based, community-aligned practices. These programs and processes are designed to achieve better health, accessible care, and lower costs.

Statistical evidence

25% of Millennials rely on their friends and family for health info – Harris Poll

What can I do to maintain my general health?

The basics; we should have a full physical every year. 

What should I ask my doctor?

  • Blood tests (thyroid and female hormones levels, thyroid, vitamin D, cholesterol/lipid panel)
  • Am I in menopause?
  • Am I up to date on my vaccinations?
  • What is my risk of developing heart disease?
  • Am I on schedule for basic cancer screening?
  • Diabetes: What are my blood sugar numbers? 
  • Kidney: ØC Blood test to make sure there is good kidney functioning 
  • How much are tests and how can I be sure my insurance covers the cost?

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